3 Tips for Keeping a Big Dog Happy in a Small Apartment

Big Dog Happy

Getting a new dog can be one of the most exciting things you do in your lifetime. They bring about a ton of love and a lot of fun times ahead. However, it’s important to understand the responsibilities that come with owning a dog, and when it’s a big dog in a small apartment, it takes a bit more effort to give your furry friend a good quality of life.

Whether you adopted your dog at a local shelter or got them from Smoky Mtn Labradors, your big dog has special needs that need to be met. Big dogs can be Labradors, Mountain Dogs, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Huskies, and any other breed that weighs over 55 pounds. Any of these large dogs will require plenty of love and attention and the most space you can give them in your small apartment.

Here are three tips to keep your large dog happy in a small apartment.

1. Keep the apartment cool and fresh.


If you work away from home and your dog has to stay in the apartment by themselves, it’s best if you leave the air conditioner on so they can stay cool and not suffer from a heat stroke. You need to keep the room at the right temperature so they remain cold without getting too chilly. You could even keep a blanket for them and a warm bed so they can cozy up in case the room gets too cold for them at any point of the day.

Moreover, it’s necessary to warn against DIY HVAC repairs if your HVAC system is damaged. If you hear any weird noises or notice any foul smells coming from your air conditioner, it’s important you hire a professional technician and avoid DIY HVAC repairs at all costs. Opting to repair an AC on your own can cause irreversible and dangerous electrical damages to your HVAC system, which can even cause a fire or electrocution.

2. Play with them every day.


Next, you’re going to want to play with your dog every day. Dogs are needy by default and require a lot of attention in order to avoid falling into depression. They also require exercising a lot in order to keep their physical endurance and remain healthy. Since they’ll be living in a small apartment, they won’t have enough room to run around and get the workout they need. This is where you come into play.

You’d need to take your dog outside as much as you can, be it for a walk at the park, a jog at the track, or even a swim at the beach. The idea is to give them the right amount of space so they can really stretch their paws and get their heart racing for a good session of cardio. Your dog is a living being, and like so, it needs the right kind of physical exercise and nutrition to live a healthy life.

3. Create a comfortable space just for them.


Lastly, you’re going to need to prepare a comfortable space that’s suitable for their enjoyment and relaxation. You can do this by creating a small nook in the living room with a fluffy bed, a pillow if necessary, a toy or two to keep them entertained and accompanied when you’re out of the house, and their food and water bowl. This spot will become their designated resting or sleeping place when you’re not there to play with them during the day. Likewise, you’ll want them to enjoy their alone time in a cozy spot in your home to comfort them while you’re out and about.

These tips will help your big pup remain happy in a small apartment.