5 Different Types of Real Estate Jobs

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The real estate world is rich in career opportunities. It’s not all about selling or buying homes — it goes beyond that. Careers in the real estate industry include everything from the nitty-gritty side of accounting to the banking side of things. The real estate market has a job for everyone, from the most introverted mathematician to the natural salesperson. So if you’re looking for a diverse career, the real estate world is the right place to start your job search.

Here are five different real estate careers you can pursue.

1. Real Estate Agent


The classic job everyone thinks about when someone mentions real estate is a real estate agent. As a real estate agent, your job will be to manage the complete process of selling or buying a property for your client. This will include doing things like taking your clients to house showings, staging a house so other buyers can appreciate the home you’re selling, and doing all the paperwork that comes with a real estate transaction — whether it’s residential or commercial real estate. To become a real estate agent, you must take a real estate agent course to prepare you for the real estate exam for your licensing. After that, you can become an apprentice at an agency to learn the ropes of the real estate world.

2. Property Manager

Moreover, you can become a property manager. A property manager is a person that manages the administrative tasks that come with the marketing of a property as well as the negotiation of the lease, maintaining the property, and establishing the rental rate for a specific area. You can think of a property manager as the landlord of a house, apartment, or multiple properties.

3. Home Inspector


A home inspector is a person that’s in charge of conducting inspections of a real estate property to let potential buyers know of any present issues. They may detect issues like roof leaks, drafty windows, or broken electrical circuits and will inform the buyer so they’re aware of it prior to buying the property. They can suggest things like window replacement in Portage MI or pest control and can even suggest to the buyer how bad the place is or if there’s anything the sellers are hiding from the negotiation.

4. Leasing Consultant

A leasing consultant will meet with renters to show them any of their available properties. They will also explain to them the lease terms and the rental application process. Leasing consultants can also assist renters in coordinating any maintenance appointments and in the processing of their renewal leases. They can also give expert advice on the rental of a property as a sales representative would.

5. Foreclosure Specialist


Lastly, a foreclosure specialist will assist homeowners whose homes are going through the process of foreclosure. They can review liens, inspection reports, insurance policies, and payment histories. They can also review appraisals and other documentation to determine the available options for their clients’ specific situations.

To become a foreclosure specialist, you’d need to become a licensed real estate agent and complete a foreclosure course. You would then need to submit a one-time application for the Short Sales and Foreclosures Resource (SFR) certification. The SFR will help you help other buyers and sellers deal with their distressed properties. As a foreclosure specialist, you will get paid commissions based on the sale price of the property, just as a real estate agent gets paid.

There are many other careers in the real estate industry that anyone can benefit from. They can be anything from hands-on jobs to sedentary jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home office.