Care Package Ideas for Your First-Year College Student

a box with a pair of shoes and a pair of shoes

Are you planning to send a care package to your first-year college student? Going to college for the first time can be difficult, and it will take some time for your child to adjust to living away from home. Sending a care package is a great way to show them how much you love and care for them, and it’s a great reminder that you’re always available in case they need your support. Here are some care package ideas for your child’s first year at college.

Send over a snack package.


Nothing says love like receiving a box full of your favorite treats! Your child’s first year at college can be a tough adjustment. It may be their first time ever being away from home for so long. Remind them of how much you care by sending their favorite baked goods or filling up a box with the snacks they usually enjoy at home. Every time they reach for a quick bite, they’ll be reminded of you. Plus, it’s a great way to make sure that your child isn’t neglecting their health and wellness. Throw in some granola bars, cookies, chips, crackers, or even some microwaveable popcorn.

Gift them with all of the essentials.

College students are busy, and sometimes, it’s difficult for them to care for themselves. Make it easier by sending them a care package full of essentials. Fill this shipment with first aid kits, detergent pods, pens, and lint rollers. Most importantly, they’ll likely appreciate some underwear. At college, it can be a chore to access the washing machine. At most campuses, you share a washing machine with several other students. So, sending extra underwear is something your child will appreciate. The women’s briefs at Woxer come in different styles, including boy shorts. Shop online for a premium collection of women’s underwear that’s sure to be comfortable and stylish!

Choose a theme for an upcoming holiday.


Is Valentine’s Day around the corner? What about St. Patrick’s Day? Whatever the holiday, it would be a fun idea to put together a care package based on one theme. If it’s for Valentine’s Day, you can send your college student a stuffed animal and a box full of chocolates. You can include some candy hearts and a card asking them to be your Valentine. For St. Patrick’s Day, you can send over green party favors like hats, sunglasses, or headbands. Add some chocolate gold coins and a green sweatshirt to make sure they don’t get pinched by their peers. You can also have some fun with a Halloween-themed care package or even a Presidents’ Day theme. The options are unlimited.

Pack items for stress relief.

Going to college can be stressful. Students have to keep up with their schoolwork, all of their classes, and extracurricular activities and maintain their new social circles. It would be a great idea to help them with some self-care activities. For stress relief, send a care package with a stress ball, face masks, playing cards, tea, and a cozy blanket. You can even include a loofah or a foot massage roller. Add in some smaller additions like nail polish or a lip mask. While these little gifts may seem small or irrelevant, college stress can really take a toll on students. Using these items on a regular basis can really make a difference in their mental health. If they use an essential oil diffuser, you could add some essential oils or an aromatherapy mist to their care package.

If your child has yet to get into college, they may want to consider reaching out to a college essay consultant. Personal statements are part of the application process, and seeking advice could help them get into their ideal school. Once your child is at college, you can use these ideas to show your appreciation.