Finding Your Dream Home: The Guide

Finding Your Dream Home

Few things in life are as exciting as finding, building, or purchasing your dream house. If you’re fortunate enough to be in this position and your hard work has paid off, the first best step is to come up with a solid plan to help you achieve your next goal. To ensure your dream house remains a dream and doesn’t become a nightmare, you’ll want to do your research, think ahead, and consider the future. You’ve come a long way so far. Remember that your vision now could change over the years.

For ways to attain your forever dream house with the perfect mountain view, lake view, acreage, dream kitchen, or swimming pool, read on.

Doing Your Research


The first thing you’ll want to do when searching for your dream house is to become very familiar with real estate in the area you hope to live in. Be as specific as you can. For example, if you’re hoping to move to North Carolina, start with general Google searches like “NC mountain land for sale” or “Western North Carolina ranches.” After you have a good idea about average pricing, know the type of acreage and amenities you’re looking for, the type of landscape that you hope to live on or near, and what you need in curb appeal, consider contacting a real estate agent.

A real estate agent will work toward helping you in your search for the perfect home. They can offer peace of mind while you’re busy with your job or family life — since the hunt for your dream house is still on. When meeting with your real estate agent for the first time, be very specific about your wants and needs. This is, after all, your dream, so be sure to set some bottom-line expectations.

Let your realtor know where you stand with your current home, too. In the area of financing as well as value, the more transparent you are with your real estate agent, the better they’ll be able to help you.

Thinking Ahead and Estimates


As a prospective buyer, the best way to make a decision on a home is to look not only at amenities but the potential for costly repairs. That is, while your dream house might be an older Victorian farmhouse you plan to renovate, you’ll want to think about more than square footage and landscape when making your final decision. Consider the value of regular home maintenance and what it will cost you to maintain your dream house as you go. No matter how much money you have now toward your dream home, being able to anticipate future expenses is important.

If considering a home that will need renovations or home improvements, think about calling a contractor for an estimate on what those expenses might be before making a bid on a new home. While they won’t be able to give you a formal estimate, contractors will often talk with potential buyers about a home in hopes of landing work in the future. While speaking with a contractor, be sure to ask about ongoing potential costs including regular home maintenance like cleaning out gutters, heating and cooling improvements, annual maintenance, and more.

Assessing Possibilities and the Future


If you think you’ve found your dream home and made sense of worthwhile renovation projects you intend to do, your next best option is talking to your real estate agent about the property’s potential. Perhaps you always wanted a swimming pool. Ask about whether the line of spruce pine trees could come down to make room. Maybe you want a better view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, talk with your real estate agent about zoning in the area and if it would mean a scenery tax on your home.

Consider other dreams like adding a man-made pond, putting in a pasture for large animals, ways to let more sunlight into the home, or how you’d be able to upgrade your heating system. Ideally, you want your dream house to last forever so thinking about the future now could make a big difference and help avoid hassle later on.

Dreaming Big and the Bid


After considering the future, cosmetic improvements, repair costs, and making the best choice you can on your dream home, don’t look back. Work with your real estate professional to make a fair bid on the home. Soon enough, you’ll have the perfect piece of land and be living in your dream house. Your biggest worry then will be wondering how to place a cover over your pool.

In the end, after some work and great planning, you’re sure to find yourself living the dream you’ve worked so hard for. Take time to celebrate your achievement and top that dream house off with furnishings and decorations that represent you, your family, your passions, and the exciting future ahead. Congratulations on your journey toward your dream home!