Furnished Apartments vs. Home Ownership

Furnished Apartments vs. Home Ownership

You, like many others, may have claimed this year as the year you pursue your academic and professional goals or make monumental changes in your lifestyle, routine, or health for the better. Perhaps 2021 is the year for you to leave your family home and live on your own. To achieve this goal, you might begin house hunting as soon as you possibly can.

There are homes of various sizes, styles, ages, and price ranges located throughout several communities, guaranteeing that all home seekers can find the perfect home for them that most closely matches their preferences and needs. In some cases, home seekers can’t find the property tailored to their needs or desires, and this may be because their dream home isn’t on the market yet or doesn’t exist yet.

People may be unable to select the best home for them because they’re unsure if they should buy a home that catches their eye or rent a furnished apartment. On the one hand, buying a home may seem ideal because, for many people, being a homeowner may be essential to financial goals and personal success. However, renting an apartment can be a sensible investment under some circumstances and still be seen as a mark of personal success. If you’re a home seeker torn between the two, read on below to compare and contrast renting furnished apartments versus homeownership.

Weigh the pros and cons of homeownership.


One of the best advantages of homeownership is that you’re mostly free to do as you please with your property and the land you own. You can call all the shots regarding any interior upgrades for your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any exterior renovation, like adding a deck or a porch. That being said, with homeownership also comes responsibility for maintenance. Your property and yard require maintenance, like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or replacing a damaged roof.

Likewise, you have to take care of heating and cooling system issues and plumbing system problems. Your home’s plumbing may utilize cast iron pipes, for instance, which could deteriorate and reach the end of their lifespan sooner than you realize. If you notice water damage to your floors, hear a gurgling noise from your toilets and sinks, or smell the lingering odor of sewer gas, you may have old cast iron pipes or, worse, broken cast iron pipes. Broken pipes release gases into the air that would ordinarily get vented to the outdoors. Considering these gases aren’t healthy or safe to have in your home, it’s crucial for you as the homeowner to treat your broken pipes as an emergency and consult a cast iron pipe repair service. If you were renting, all plumbing fixes would be taken care of y the landlord.

The same goes for other equipment in your home. If your residence utilizes a generator, accumulating wear and tear on your generator parts is inevitable. Still, you can take preventive measures to keep a broken generator from inconveniencing your household. The most effective solution for peace of mind in such a case is to have a skilled professional regularly inspect and service your generator. Maintaining a generator is a tall order that homeowners should leave up to the best professionals in generator service. The most excellent professional service is an efficient one that provides fluid level checks, fuel and lube filter replacements, load bank testing, battery inspection, and cleaning of connections. As a homeowner, it’s in your best interest to enlist only the highest quality services to take care of your home.

Determine if the advantages of renting an apartment can be suitable for you long-term.


As a renter in an apartment, you can save money on maintenance and repairs, as you aren’t responsible for fixing them. Furthermore, depending on your household needs, you can seek an apartment that has laundry machines in your unit or the building, as well as a pool and gym facilities and other amenities. Some apartments even come fully furnished, which could be advantageous to your finances. If such dwellings are more convenient for you, consider utilizing an updated rental platform that provides you with access to a network of available fully furnished apartments. If you desire to move to the state of Florida, for example, you can use such a platform to locate furnished apartments in Tampa or St. Petersburg.

In general, renting an apartment is usually less expensive than owning a home. Signing a lease doesn’t typically involve as many upfront costs as homeownership. Most property managers or landlords may require a security deposit from tenants for protection against broken leases, property damage, delinquent rent, and other miscellaneous expenses. To avoid signing a lease for an apartment that you can’t afford, be sure that the rent rates are within your budget. Rent can vary according to your property size, age, location, condition, the number of residents you have, and other factors. Furthermore, renters who don’t live in rent-protected properties may be subject to rent increases with each new lease they sign.

Make your decision according to your lifestyle and finances.


There’s a multitude of home loan products available on the market for various purposes. First-time homebuyers should use resources and tools that enable them to compare home loan rates and determine which one is most suitable for them, as doing so can help them avoid rushing into the wrong decision. When comparing home loans, an essential aspect to consider is the interest rate. Home loans with lower interest rates can save you thousands of dollars, or even as much as tens of thousands on your mortgage across the life of the loan. Still, keep in mind that a mortgage with a higher interest rate could be more appropriate for what you need than a lower rate, and be aware that interest rates can increase after the first few years of your home loan. All of these calculation processes are, of course, not necessary if you’re renting. That may be another reason to rent a furnished apartment instead of shopping around for a lender and committing to a mortgage, even at the best rate around.

With so many options available regarding buying a home or renting an apartment, choosing one over the other can be overwhelming. Flying solo or with a partner into renting or homeownership can be intimidating, but it’s an experience and investment that offers responsibility, freedom, and independence.