How Can You Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger?

Make a Small Bathroom

While everyone wants a large, spa-like bathroom, many of us simply need to make do with a smaller space. This can be especially challenging if you share the room with family members or only have one bathroom in your home. Fortunately, if you’re wrestling with a tiny bathroom in your house or apartment, there are some ways you can make it feel more spacious. 

These hacks will help you free up some space and create the illusion of square footageeven in the smallest bathrooms. 

Select Lighter Colors

Whenever you’re dealing with a tiny room, light colors are always best. White paint, for example, reflects rather than absorbs light. White finishes, in general, make space look larger, and this will be key in your bathroom. Stick with a white vanity and white tiles. This will give the bathroom an airy look. You can then add touches of color to add personality without making the room feel crowded. 

Install A Large Mirror

While a large mirror in a tiny bathroom might seem counterintuitive, mirrors create the ultimate illusion of space. The mirror will reflect light and draw the eye outward. If you can’t fit a wide mirror in your bathroom, try maximizing height with a tall one over the sink. You can also mount a full-length mirror on the wall. This trick is especially effective if your bathroom has a small window or no windows at all.

Skip The Large Vanity

Vanities certainly make your morning routine a bit easier, but they also take up quite a bit of floor space. And designers and engineers know that freeing up floor space is the key to making every square foot count. If you’re remodeling the space, swap the traditional vanity for a pedestal sink or even a floating vanity. These products open up empty space in the bathroom, so you can feel less cramped. 

Clear The Clutter

Smaller rooms get messy more quickly, so it’s important to keep clutter out of your bathroom. Makeup and hair products around the sink, items on top of the toilet tank, and baskets on the floor crowd your bathroom. The key is to keep as many items put away as possible. 

If you have photos hanging in your bathroom, you may be unintentionally overwhelming yourself. Minimize the space of photos with a free photo storage service. By storing items digitally, you can make a room feel cleaner and more put together. In addition to gaining mental clarity, you’ll never run the risk of damaging your photos from shower humidity. 

Choose A Shower Screen

Your shower gives you extra square footage, so don’t close it off with a shower curtain. Clear shower screens are often the best option for small bathrooms. You will then see every part of the bathroom when you walk in, and the room will feel more spacious. Many designers will also recommend ditching the frame on the shower screen, opening the space even more. Since not everyone is comfortable with a completely clear screen, consider a frosted screen instead. It will still let some light in to expand the walls. 

Switch To A Sliding Door

You might not realize how much space a traditional swing door takes up in a small bathroom. When you open the door, you’re closing off an entire corner of the room. If you plan to renovate your bathroom, consider installing a sliding pocket door instead. The door neatly slides out of place, which can be helpful when you’re helping your kids get ready for bed or washing the dog. 

Remember, small bathrooms don’t have to be limiting. These tiny spaces can be efficient, charming, and stylish. All you have to do is maximize the space to make it work for you. While these tricks can get you started, you’ll surely find some other hacks to get the most out of every square inch.