Afford Savvy Home Upgrades

How to Afford Savvy Home Upgrades

It’s no secret that home repairs and remodels are important projects to carry out as a homeowner. These home upgrades can significantly boost your home’s value while increasing its aesthetic appeal, so it’s always an excellent idea to make savvy home upgrades around the house.

However, financing is always an issue with these projects, as many homeowners lack the financial capacity to fund their costs out-of-pocket. Luckily, there are various sources in the market today where you can obtain funding for your improvement projects. Below are some insights into how to fund your significant home upgrades.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)


HELOCs are an excellent way to finance home upgrades that you should consider. These loans are fundamentally secured, since your home backs them, so you can enjoy lower interest rates than you would if you were going in for an unsecured loan. HELOCs are perfect for lengthy home upgrades since they’re essentially revolving credit. Also, HELOCs allow for easy and quick access to your funds, so it’s an excellent option for home repair loans. However, you need sufficient home equity (typically 15-20 percent) before you can qualify for these loans, and you can also lose your house to a foreclosure if you don’t make timely payments. You can use your Home Equity Line of Credit to transform your outdated house into a new home by making significant smart home upgrades. Reputable home automation brands such as Apex Audio Video can help with this need.

Apex Audio Video is a known home automation brand in Austin, Texas, providing helpful smart home solutions to homeowners. They offer state-of-the-art smart home systems that control everything, including your home’s sound and security systems. Apex Audio is a Savant dealer, so they can provide solutions to transform your house into a Savant home by using Savant home automation. This way, you enjoy maximum control over your living space using the Savant Pro app. Lighting control, pre-setting your thermostat to enjoy various warmth and cold temperatures, in-house entertainment, and others are made possible thanks to Savant’s premium home automation systems. What’s more, Apex Audio Video has over 20 years of industry experience, making them a trustworthy and reliable provider.

Reverse Mortgages

You should consider taking a reverse mortgage if you’re over 62 years of age to leverage your home’s equity and obtain cash to fund needed home repairs and other expenses. Unlike in a traditional mortgage where you make payments to the lender, you’ll instead receive payments from your lender under this arrangement. You needn’t make monthly mortgage payments or sell your home, but the reverse mortgage loan must be repaid when the borrower permanently sells or moves out of the house or passes on. The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is a popular type of reverse mortgage backed by the federal government. Finding the right reverse mortgage lender to pay off reverse mortgage loans is undoubtedly beneficial to better manage estate assets as an executor. Reputable lenders such as HCS Equity can help with home improvement financing.

HCS Equity is a trusted lender that uses its capital to provide administrators, beneficiaries, trustees, fiduciaries, trust and estate attorneys, conservators, and guardians specialized financing. They work directly with trustees, estate executors, and their attorneys to provide liquidity that solves pressing financial problems and also fund buyouts of heirs and several other beneficiaries. HCS Equity is also one of many reputable reverse mortgage lenders, helping estate executors with reverse mortgage payoffs that prevent them from selling estate assets before making ends meet. This way, you can pay off any HECM loan within a short time after the reverse mortgage borrower’s death. What’s more, they offer competitive rates and terms and are very well regarded in the reverse mortgage industry.

Home Repair or Remodel Loans

Home remodel loans, or repair loans, are unsecured loans you can borrow from credit unions, banks, and some online lenders. These loans don’t need your home as collateral, since they’re unsecured. Your eligibility and interest rates are typically based on your credit score, and funding usually comes quickly for these loan types. Home improvement loans also have the added benefit of fewer fees compared to HELOCs or home equity loans. With these loans, you can invest in profitable home improvements, like sprucing up your shower space. Reliable remodeling brands such as Lux Bath are able to assist with transforming any bathroom or shower space.

Lux Bath is a premier shower remodeling company whose services cater to clients in the Pittsburgh area. They guarantee premium products and expert craftsmanship for shower renovations. Lux Bath can design and create your stylish and luxurious Kohler Luxstone shower, boosting the accessibility and functionality of your new shower. You can personalize your Kohler Luxstone shower design with high-end lighting fixtures, shelves, and other personalization features that increase your home’s value. What’s more, they have extensive shower remodeling experience, having completed thousands of projects for clients in the Pittsburgh area.

To conclude, home upgrades are essential to improve your home’s value and curb appeal. The above-listed points are great ways to fund these typically costly home upgrades worth considering.