Landscape Architecture Trends of 2021

a living room with a large window

As the world continues to transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are spending time outdoors. At the same time, people who haven’t been economically burdened by the coronavirus pandemic might have the more expendable income they can use to fund projects around the house, including in their front yard and back yard. As such, it’s probably no surprise to you that many of the outdoor landscape architecture trends for 2021 are focused on creating harmonious retreats as well as places where others can meet up and gather.

Swimming Pools


If you have space in your yard, one of the biggest water features you can add as part of your landscape design is a swimming pool. Rather than spend the time and money on a swimming pool that is run-of-the-mill, a growing trend in 2021 is working with a landscape architect to truly incorporate your pool as part of your overall landscape design. Especially if you’re interested in having your pool do double duty as a water feature outdoors, working with project managers and planners can help you maximize the way that your pool adds to other outdoor spaces like your patio. This makes it an all-encompassing destination for relaxation as well as entertaining others.

Defined Garden Areas


Gardening is on the rise as a hobby thanks to the pandemic, and so it’s definitely on-trend to incorporate defined areas for your garden into your overall landscape architecture. Whether you’re planning a landscape with room for a raised garden bed or want to add an architecturally interesting greenhouse to your home to create one location for your plants, defining your gardening areas is simple to do. Best of all, having a clearly delineated area for the items you’re planting adds order and organization to your landscape, which gives it more of a planned feel. Oftentimes, one of the keys to urban design or landscape design is ensuring that your style meets the functions you’re looking for out of your space. As such, it’s never a bad idea to tie elements of design in with your more functional aspects of the home, which includes embellishing the fencing or dividers you use to keep your plants all in one area.

Entertaining Spaces


While swimming pools are one aspect of entertaining, they aren’t the only ones. Adding a hardscape or patio to your outdoor area can also go a long way in creating a defined space to gather with others. Whether you’re looking into adding a barbecue or want to add some tiling, working with someone who has years of experience in the industry is a great way to get the job done well and provide a unified and cohesive design. Check out local companies in order to find someone who has experience working with landscapes similar to yours. For example, if you live in the Denver area, finding a Denver landscaper with the skills to get the job done right can really be worth the money. Just head to Google or your favorite search engine and type in “landscape architecture in Denver” in order to find a solid fit for the kind of work you’re looking to do.

Best of all, these sorts of spaces are just as fun for a romantic outdoor retreat as they are for larger gatherings with friends and family. If your wife has put in some extra effort this past year with schooling your kids from home, consider gifting her some womens panties or a new bra or bralette before enjoying some wine on your outdoor space and you may find yourselves ready for hanky panky in no time at all.