Tips for Refurbishing Your Barber Shop

a room with a desk and chairs

The redesign of any space, be it your home, office, or kitchen, comes with a lot of extraordinary challenges. In the beauty industry, it’s no different. It doesn’t matter if it’s a slight touch-up of your salon or an entire makeover of your spa or barbershop; the challenges never cease. To know the best items to purchase for the utmost comfort of your staff and customers, we’ve curated a list of refurbishment tips in this article. These tips are meant to help you avoid unnecessary delays, overwhelming costs, and renovation headaches that come with finding unique designs for your space.

Keep the shop up to date and trendy.


Design is a subtle yet substantial part of any refurbishment job; thus, you need to develop a classic design in tune with new ways of doing old things. One way to introduce modernism is via your interior design.

For example, you could consider rotating your furniture every six months. This gives your customers a new feel over time, even though you’re simply alternating between two major furniture sets. To make this work, you’ll need to find storage for your items. There are several affordable storage options online, where you can get your storage discount as a business owner. These storage facilities offer differently sized units, depending on the number of items you have.

Invest in high-quality barber chairs.

When concerning barber chairs, never compromise on quality. Going for the cheapest barber chairs could spell discomfort for your customers and disaster for your business. So it helps never to underestimate the benefits of high-quality chairs. As a barbershop owner, you need to invest in a well-designed barber chair because it helps keep both you and your customers’ posture correct.

Aside from function, your barber chair usually helps set the tone for your interior design and the overall ambiance of your shop. For example, a vintage barber chair can help you choose neutral tones and upholstery, which will take your customers back in time as soon as they enter.

Search for the best electric barber chair, and choose according to the best brands you come across. Some chairs have removable headrests, height adjustments, high-density foam, adjustable footrest, and leather covering. You can also opt for a reclining barber chair with a heavy-duty steel frame. However, note that these have an extensive weight capacity.

Start the refurbishment process early.


The best time to start planning your barbershop refurbishment is four months before you go ahead with the process. This way, you’ll avoid all the associated chaos of last-minute changes and delayed deliveries. If you can afford it, seek the services of a design specialist if your creative juices are no longer flowing.

You need a barber’s pole to identify your salon.

As a barber, you’ve probably seen those poles with rotating red and blue stripes, often found at the entrance of barbershops.

No matter how modern you want your shop to be, these poles are a great addition to your business, even more than you would think. A single look at the pole, and many people know there’s a barbershop around. So, if you’re going for a classic barbershop ambiance, having a barber’s pole at the front of your shop is a great way to attract attention.

Communication is essential for good service.


If your barbershop is undergoing total refurbishing, it would be best to communicate with the architects and contractors you’re working with thoroughly. This way, you’ll ensure that the project is on course and meets all deadlines. In addition, being vocal about your vision for your shop and your expectations of their work helps keep them on their toes and keep things on track.