Tips For Staging High-Fashion Photoshoots

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When staging a high-fashion photoshoot, you become an artistic director. You want to ensure that your photos tell a cohesive story and appeal to a broad range of customers. A high-fashion photoshoot often requires a large production set and team to execute every detail to the highest quality. If your photoshoot is for a client, you want to make sure you also incorporate their creative vision into the narrative. From lighting and location to equipment and styling, it’s important to invest the time in arranging every detail. You want your high fashion photoshoot to convey style and creative artistic vision to attract the most buzz. With the speed at which brands can go viral on different photography social media platforms such as Instagram, with the proper preparation, yours could be the next to rack up the likes and leave your clients coming back. Here are some tips for a successful high-fashion photoshoot.

1. Research

It’s important to first consider what theme you want your photoshoot to convey. A clear narrative in your photoshoot will be more appealing to consumers. Once you develop a storyline, then you can choose a location and background for your photoshoot. Make a vision board for your fashion line with inspiring colors, fabrics, textures, and clips.

Research is one of the hobbies that make you smarter and will inspire you to come up with more creative ideas for your photoshoot. Make sure your location is a backdrop that will showcase your fashion line appropriately. It will be beneficial to scope out a location in person and account for the lighting, noise, and action that you’ll have to work with on the day of the photoshoot. Assess whether the location has enough natural lighting or if you’ll need to bring your own. Time of day can also play a big role, and it’s important to account for allowing yourself enough time to get as many photos as you need. It’s also important to plan for the weather and accessibility of the location, so you won’t run into any unforeseen delays.


2. Plan logistics.

To ensure that your high-fashion photoshoot goes off without a hitch, it’s important to plan all the logistics. This can include anything from investing in the right camera equipment, lighting, and props to assembling a team of style artists and creative directors. A quality camera can make or break a successful photoshoot, but you don’t need to spend thousands to get high-quality photos.

Camera companies offer short-term rental options like the Sony A7 IV. Another organizational trick is to store clothing in storage units, allowing you the space to ensure that all the models’ looks are in order. By keeping everything for your photoshoot in one central location, you won’t have to worry about running around to different places. Search a range of professional stylist portfolios, and select someone who envisions a creative vision that fits the brand. Take the time to discuss ideas with them, and develop an inspiration board. Establish in advance the angles you want to shoot the models from and work some test shots. It’s also important to make sure you have the appropriate gear to take your photoshoot to the next level. This can include tripods, lenses, and artificial lighting for a more advanced setup.


3. Attention to Detail

The details are what will make your photos pop and are an important part of the artistry. Carefully accessorizing your looks will add to the visual story you want to convey to consumers. A professional stylist can match different hair and makeup looks that will compliment your fashion line. You can utilize unique hairstyles and makeup techniques to bring your photoshoot to the next level.

Discuss a common creative vision with your stylist beforehand, and develop looks that will set the brand apart. It’s also important to choose a style that can be worn with any outfit and remain cohesive throughout the photos; this way the fashion will remain the focal point. Keep accessories minimal so that they can be mixed and matched with multiple looks and won’t distract the consumer from the clothes.

Jewelry is another way to showcase your collection. Implement gold and silver details with minimal sets of earrings and necklaces to make your photos even more appealing. Utilize earrings to add a pop of color and shine to your model’s looks; this can demonstrate to the consumer how versatile the collection is and how they can accessorize themselves. Incorporating different props and decorations in your photoshoot can also complement your fashion line. Consider adding items the models can hold like purses or backpacks to complement the style and draw the consumer in. You can also make the photos action shots and have the models engaged in activities in order to make the looks more relatable.


4. Invest in time savers

A high-fashion photoshoot can be a stressful production, and this is why you’ll be thanking yourself later for using these trendy time-saving tricks. Instead of having all your models styled with one nail color, buy press on nails. Nail sets can be a chic way to change up a model’s look quickly and match them to different outfits. There’s no need to hire a nail technician—custom size all the manicure designs you want online in advance for easy application the day of the photoshoot. Nail art can be a great way to add a complementary pop of color to your fashion line.

Creating a call sheet can also be a good way to save time. Provide staff with a specific time table that outlines where everyone needs to be throughout the day. A call sheet can also include contacts, directions, and medical information in case of emergencies, which will help to cut out any miscommunication or confusion. If your photoshoot is an indoor location, then it can also be beneficial to stage the lighting in advance, so you won’t have to waste time messing around with your camera settings. Make sure that the space is also free of clutter and distractions since this will shorten the photo editing process in the future.