We Followed Bill Gates’ Three Suggestions to Keep Your Office Organized:

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Bill Gates is easily one of the top businessmen in the world. After developing Microsoft, his career continues to thrive as he brings new technology and software advancements to the business world. Not everyone can have a career that is as expansive and thriving as Gates, but you can certainly take some plays out of his playbook. Throughout the years, Bill Gates has been very open about the tips, tricks, and tools he uses to run a successful business and stay organized even on the busiest of days. Plenty of these techniques are things you can benefit from as well.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can learn a lot from the successful business owners that came before you. One of the main areas we are going to talk about today is office organization. From the operations on your computer to your desk to your productivity levels, you may need some help throughout your day to stay organized and focused on certain tasks at hand. Check out the latest updates and techniques that Bill Gates himself uses to stay organized in the office. Here are just three examples of specific tips and tricks that can help.

1. Organize your email and digital communications effectively.

For many business users, a huge part of their day is communicating with other organizations or internal teams through email. Bill Gates has spoken at length about how he uses these platforms in the best way. With custom folders and filters, he makes sure that only certain emails come through his access point. This means he is only seeing the information he needs to see. He also suggests using multiple screens to keep your thoughts organized while answering emails. When you keep your inbox on one monitor and a current email draft on another, you can maximize how you understand your total items at once.

Of course, to keep these digital platforms organized, you need a strong internet connection and great digital products, to begin with. When looking for an internet gateway and wireless connection, dependability is key. Check out silmicro.com to find quality products that can help with all your electronics. From a patch cord to your user interface, you can help your scalability with great digital products that can help you stay organized and productive.

2. Avoid clutter on the desk and the desktop.

Bill Gates is the first person to understand how distracting a cluttered desk or desktop can be for your productivity. This is why so many Microsoft products are designed with easy search capabilities and custom folders. By keeping your desktop organized, you can focus on the task at hand rather than getting distracted by extra stimulants.

In addition to cleaning up your computer desktop, you’ll also want to keep your desk organized. Coming into your workday with papers strewn about and folders laying open can be disheartening. It can also force you to work harder to accomplish extra tasks when you don’t have the necessary information readily available. Presentation Folders can be an answer to this organization problem. Keep your important documents in specific spots with labeled and branded pocket folders. This way you can put everything in its place at the end of the day and come to a clean desk that is ready for you to get to work.

3. Trick your brain into staying focused.

Organization is just one of the ways to trick your brain into focusing throughout your workday. This is another tip that Gates himself implements. By setting timers and reminders or de-cluttering your area, you force yourself to focus in the best way. This will help you get more work done and allow your ideas to flow openly.