5 Simple Ways to Spice Things Up In the Bedroom


Anytime you are in a long-term relationship, things can start to feel stale in the bedroom. It isn’t because of a lack of love or desire. Couples tend to get into a routine, which can be difficult to break. However, when you realize you are in a slump, it is important to spice things up from time to time to remind yourself and your partner that you are still both very sexual beings.

When working to spice things up, communication is key. You don’t want your partner to feel like you are doing crazy things because you aren’t happy anymore. Make sure they know how much you want them and that you want to relight that fire you two shared. Here are five ideas to help you spice things up in the bedroom.

1. Lingerie


If it’s been a while since you’ve sauntered into your bedroom wearing a sexy teddy, chemise, babydoll nightie, or bodysuit, you need to buy some sexy lingerie. Wearing sexy lingerie can spice things up, excite your partner, and make you feel amazingly sexy and excited. This is an especially great idea if you haven’t worn lingerie in a long time. You may be hesitant to buy lingerie if you’ve gained weight over the years, but there are tons of gorgeous options in plus-sized lingerie for you to choose from with companies like Spicy Lingerie.

2. Channel your inner diva.


All women have an inner diva that knows exactly what she wants in bed and isn’t afraid to take charge. However, sometimes we have a hard time pulling her to the surface because we’re tired or don’t feel sexy anymore. One way to channel that sexy attitude is by making yourself look and feel sexy. Put on your new sexy lingerie, do your make-up extra smokey, add fake eyelashes, and tussle your hair before you greet your partner. Companies like Glamnetic make easy-to-use magnetic eyelashes that can be applied in seconds and are completely painless — the perfect sultry look for spicing things up in the bedroom!

3. Roleplay


When was the last time you acted out a fantasy? Get some costumes and act out a fantasy — it can be yours or your partners, but you both need to get into it. Don’t be embarrassed to show your partner how much you want to be with them.

Some couples might be embarrassed to describe their fantasies to their partners, but being open about your sexual thoughts can heighten the relationship and make you feel more connected as you learn more about what each other wants. Plus you might discover you actually share some fantasies.

4. Buy Toys


If you’ve never introduced toys in the bedroom before, you might feel embarrassed but there is no need to be embarrassed. Tons of people enjoy using toys alone or with their partner. A tongue vibrator is a great option to use with a partner. It is a vibrator designed to provide stimulation to the clitoris. It can help you climax with more gusto than you normally feel, or it can be a fun part of foreplay before the main event. You can use your toys as much or as you little as you and your partner are comfortable with during sex.

5. Change of Scenery


Sometimes the secret to spicing things up in the bedroom is to leave the bedroom. If you have the place to yourself, jump your partner in the kitchen, dining room, or while watching TV in the living room. You can surprise your partner in the shower or jump on top of the dryer. There is no limit to the places you can get kinky with your partner. Surprise your partner in sexy lingerie when they get home from work or let them find you preparing dinner in your birthday suit.