5 Tips for Throwing an Epic Wedding Reception

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Cheers to your wedding…let’s celebrate!


The pandemic has caused a lot of loss and heartbreak for many people, so it’s especially important that you celebrate your upcoming wedding. It’s a huge blessing to get married; you have a lot to be grateful for. You should throw a wedding that reflects on your past success and holds hope for a brighter future. And we have some tips that will help you achieve that. Here are a few ideas:


1. Arrive to the party in style.

To have a luxurious party, you first have to arrive in luxury.



Special events like a wedding cause for special transportation, such as a glamorous rental car or limo. Vans, SUVs, or minivans simply won’t do the trick; you deserve the best experience possible, and you’re sure to receive that with a rental car from Cheringham Cars. Cheringham Cars is a rental company (based in the U.K.) that offer executive cars and limos for a smooth, fancy ride. If you’re looking for a car for hire in Newport, be sure to make a reservation with this car rental company.


2. Dress up to get down.

A recommended dress code for your wedding reception is cocktail attire. With everyone dazzled up in their cocktail dresses, it’ll really set the tone for the night. You’ll especially love this chance to match accessories with your wedding attire.


If your friends or bridesmaids need to find the right dress, we have the perfect place for you to shop at: White House Black Market. White House Black Market is a women’s apparel store that offers many women’s cocktail dresses, all in gorgeous styles! They also offer a variety of other clothing options, such as skirts, jackets, jumpsuits, and sheath dresses. Check out their amazing cocktail dresses for women to find your dream dress that will declare you as the belle of your ball!

3. Have an open bar fit for the stars.

Speaking of a cocktail…every celebration needs some libations!



Alcoholic beverages are always a fun addition to include while throwing a wedding. Grown and sexy folks love having speciality drinks to indulge in while they mingle, and your wedding is sure to be memorable if you keep those drinks flowing all night! Here are a few tips on creating your own open bar for your party:

  • Create a signature cocktail. You can add a twist the classic Coke and Jack, or you can get creative and come up with your own concoction. By having these signature drinks, you’ll have a good idea on how to stock up your inventory.
  • Have a student play bartender. Have a cousin who’s taking mixology classes? Know a younger friend who’s starting out in the restaurant industry? It’d be a great idea to have them take charge of making the drinks; you likely won’t have to pay them too much, and they can keep the tips! (Just make sure they’re not sneaking drinks if they’re underage.)
  • Have your essential drinks ready. Gather all of your favorite game players: juices (cranberry, pineapple, and orange) and liquor (rum, vodka, and gin). With these star players, your party is sure to win.

4. Indulge in something sweet.

What’s a wedding without a cake?



To celebrate your sweet marriage, it’s essential that you have some tasty delights for you and your guests to snack on. Are you a chocolate fanatic? Does frosting drive you crazy (in a good way)? What’s your favorite cake flavor? Figure out what your heart desires and then plan accordingly; Check out this list of bakeries that can fulfill your sweet dreams.


5. Create a playlist full of good tunes.

Turn up the music!


Music is one factor that plays a huge role in having a successful, amazing celebration. In order to ensure that the music is flowing perfectly for your party, you may want to consider hiring a DJ. DJs are not only responsible for providing the best music, but they also keep the crowd in high spirits. Or, if you’d rather not have a DJ, take some time to sit and plan the perfect playlist full of your favorite songs. This day is all about you, and the music selection should reflect that!